Fireworking 101

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Fireworking 101


This is a course in basic fireworking materials, processes, and devices. This course is available to the public, not only to subscribers, with the intent of getting a beginning fireworker off to a safe, fun, and successful start. Enjoy.

Fireworking 201 is available to subscribers, and builds on the basics of FW 101, introducing Black Powder making and testing, construction of a BP maroon, making stars, and using them in aerial fireworks mines, shells, and rocket headings, which are lifted on black-powder charcoal-tailed rocket motors.


Materials List


Lesson #1: Safety


Lesson #2: Screens and Their Use


Lesson #3: Drying Box


Lesson #4: An overview of the chemicals used in the course 


Lesson #5: Working with a Formula 


Lesson #6: Pulverizing a Chemical 


Lesson #7: Weighing the individual chemicals for a composition


Lesson #8: Screen mixing a composition 


Lesson #9: Making Blackmatch 


Lesson #10: Making Match Pipe


Lesson #11: Videoing our Devices, and the Value of Doing So 


Lesson #12: The Clove Hitch Knot


Lesson #13: Making Gerbs

Gerb cross-section


Lesson #14: A "W" of three gerbs, fused together


Lesson #15: Metal-Spark and Effect-Changing Gerbs


Lesson #16: Making Wheels, Using Gerbs as Drivers


Lesson #17: Making Fireworks Chromatrope Wheels


This completes Fireworking 101. I'll now be embarking on FW 102.